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Mikumi National Park - G-family adventures safaris Mikumi National Park - G-family adventures safaris

Mikumi National Park



From 1 to 4 days/ can also be combined with other parks hence tailor made.

Cost/person = This depends on the days requested
Total Number of People = we can accommodate  individual to the big groups

NB: the price of all tours will depend on the number of people per group and number of days.

Mikumi National Park is the fifth largest park in Tanzania covering an area of 3,230 km2. Its shares an ecosystem with Selous Game Reserve(Nyerere National Park), helping animals migrate to and from the northern part of the reserve into the park. Mikumi offers an outstanding diversity of bird life, from the striking turkey–sized hornbill to the tiny sunbird. Bateleur eagles are often seen soaring in the intense blue skies, and lilac-breasted rollers add brilliance to their backgrounds.

The park shares its name “Mikumi” with the village just beyond its western border on the Dar es Saalam – Iringa highway, which traverses the park for 50 km. The small town in turn takes the name from the Borassus species of Palm, which once grew there in profusion but no stem is visible in the village anymore. Other attractions include the largest antelopes within the Tragelaphus genus such as the eland and greater kudu, and also the sable antelopes, deffasa waterbuck, and african hunting dog.

The highway from Dar es Salaam to Iringa makes the park easily and comfortably reached by vehicles. The northern part of the park can be visited throughout the year.


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