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Ngorongoro Crater - G-family adventures safaris Ngorongoro Crater - G-family adventures safaris

Ngorongoro Crater



1 to 3days

Total Number of People = 1 to 50pax

Ngorongoro Crater is truly one of the world’s most amazing places. It is a huge caldera (collapsed volcano), 250km2 in size and 600m deep, with over 20,000 large animals including some of Tanzania’s last remaining black rhino.

Its natural and cultural features make the Ngorongoro Conservation Area a unique protected area in Africa, and in 1971 the area was accorded the status of a heritage site, and in 1981 it became an international biosphere reserve. It covers nearly 8300km2 and boasts the finest blend of landscapes, wildlife, people and archeological sites in Africa.

The conservation area is a pioneering experiment in multiple land use in which pastoralists, conservation and tourism can co-exist. The aim of the conservation area is to maintain the historic balance of people and nature in a way which has not been possible in other parts of Africa. This initiates and supports community-based projects which involve local people to harmonize relationships between wildlife, conservation, the environment and local people. This project is designed to maximize benefits to local communities without jeopardizing the natural and cultural environment.


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